3, 2, 1 ... and start

Yesterday on April 01, 2020 our research project has officially started!

Yesterday was finally the big day: Our official project start! In the next three years we will work on the development of an AI platform for the ecosystem construction industry and implement eight assistance systems. These assistance systems range from building design, construction planning, supply chain management and construction realization.

We rely - not only due to the current situation - on digital cooperation between the consortium partners. Due to the spatial distribution across Germany (Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Bielefeld, Dortmund, Berlin and Augsburg), we support digital meetings, a document platform and messaging systems.

Today more than 20 people attended a first MS Teams appointment to officially start the project. We are all very motivated!

In the next few weeks we will sort and structure the work packages for this year. One of the first steps will be a detailed analysis of the user requirements. Thus, we want to achieve the challenging goal of first prototypes until end of this year.  

For more frequent updates follow us on our social media accounts.   

The first week of three exciting years just started!

Together we will shape the transformation of the industry!

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