AI in construction - three of our AI use cases

AI applications for the user - knowing and understanding the user!

One of our first steps towards developing human-centric applications has been to create personas for each use case. A persona is a multidimensional description of a fictitious and typical individual belonging to a group of people with common interests. Personas help you understand the needs and pains of your users and by doing so, to create your application in the way the user will actually use it.

The user decides what a product or service should do and how it should behave!

In the following three videos we present three of our use cases from the perspective of a user. If you want to learn more about our use cases and about AI in construction, we recommend our newsletter.

Object Recognition in construction plans

The source data of construction projects are often only available in paper plans or outdated CAD models. The necessary structures are missing to use this data as a basis for BIM. In SDaC, we develop AI models to process this input data and recognize and label objects. In the beginning, we are specifically focused on the recognition of electronic symbols in construction plans. To do so we train Convolutional Neural Networks, which recognize and label these symbols.

Identification of patterns

In the next step, based on the identification of objects, we also want to identify patterns in digital models. This will help planners to find, optimize and categorize identical components and modules. This process reduces the complexity of plans and constructions.

Planning Automation

Based on rules and user specifications, we want to generate room layouts automatically in the future. This AI-supported plan generator quickly creates a construction plan that serves as a basis for the user. The conformance to standards and rules can also be checked within the generation.

AI in construction - Together we transform the construction industry! Our way to the digital construction site

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