AI applications compared internationally

An analysis of applications of artificial intelligence in the construction industry in international comparison

In an analysis on "Applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry in International Comparison", software companies offering AI applications in the construction industry were analyzed. The analysis focuses on 116 software companies in Europe and America (North and South America were grouped).

The analysis shows that most software companies focusing on the construction industry and offering applications with AI technologies are to be found in the USA (see Figure 1). While 50 companies were identified in the USA, Germany follows in second place with 18 companies and England in third place with 17 companies. Due to language barriers, few Asian companies were considered in the study. However, since Asia also plays an important role in AI technologies, this will be the subject of a further study to obtain a complete picture.

Figure 1: Geographical distribution of identified software companies

When comparing the AI applications in the project phases in the two continents of America and Europe, an identical distribution of applications in the project phases could be seen (see Figure 2). The comparison distinguished between four phases: Construction Realization, Construction Planning, Construction Operation and "all phases" (Construction Realization, Construction Planning and Construction Operation). In both Europe and America, the vast majority - at least half - of all AI applications are offered in the construction realization project phase. AI applications in the construction operations project phase are offered less frequently in both continents.

Figure 2: Distribution of software companies in project phases America vs. Europe

As with the distribution of software companies in different project phases, there is almost the same distribution of software companies in AI methods in the continents of America and Europe (see Figure 3). In both continents, the "pattern recognition in data" method predominates (21 applications each), followed by the "computer vision" method. This AI method is offered more often in Europe (17 applications) than in America (12 applications). The remaining distribution of the AI methods used in offered applications is approximately the same.

Figure 3: Distribution software companies in AI methods America vs. Europe

The analysis shows that there are already many solutions in the construction industry that rely on AI applications. Within the SDaC research project, we are working together with developers to provide a platform for AI applications to make a key contribution to the digitization of the construction industry.