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Mehr Sicherheit dank Künstlicher Intelligenz

BauPortal 4|2020 (de.)

Das Forschungsprojekt „Smart Design and Construction“ (SDaC) […] will die Sicherheit auf Baustellen mithilfe Künstlicher Intelligenz optimieren. In verschiedenen Anwendungsfällen werden u. a. das teilautomatisierte Erstellen von Gefährdungsbeurteil-ungen sowie das teilautomatisierte Erkennen von Gefahren auf Bestellen durchlaufen.

Wie die Applikation gestaltet sein könnte, erfahren Sie hier: 

Building the future of the construction industry through artificial intelligence and platform thinking

Digitale Welt, 24.01.2020 (engl.)

Data in the construction industry is heterogeneous, organizations do not work closely together, and construction software is highly specialized for individual users and applications. As a result, knowledge from previous construction projects is often not shared, linked, or transferred to subsequent projects. Additionally, the manual work on-site leads to long and unstable design and construction processes. Based on a review of common challenges in this work a new vision for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry is developed...

The General Contractor Response to Platform Ecosystems​

IGLC, 27.07.2019 (engl.)

Platforms enable value-creating interactions between producers and customers by mediating between their users. Supported by digitization, platforms use large datasets and integrated production systems to enhance the customer and producer experience. The platform's business model is expanding in the economy as digitization increases...

How will a future platform disrupt construction industry?