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"Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems"
gefördert durch das Bundeswirtschaftsministerium (BMWK)

Smart Design and Construction Through Artificial Intelligence

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Our Slogan
"We are the AI driving force in the construction industry."
Our Mission
"To create a platform that enables organizations from construction industry to access and use information smartly."
Project duration: April 2020- March 2023

The SDaC Concept

The multitude of possibilities of software and hardware in the construction industry often results in heterogeneous and difficult to access data as well as interface losses.

For this reason, we process common data formats in the construction industry using artificial intelligence (AI) methods and structure them for easy access. Furthermore, AI methods are used to develop intelligent applications with added value for construction companies based on the processed data.

A "stack" [steack] in computer science refers to a system of components that are required for a platform.

Why artificial intelligence
for the construction industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) describes the ability of computers to learn without being explicitly programmed for tasks (Arthur Samuel 1959). Due to the ever-growing amount of data in the construction industry, AI models can be trained and continuously improved.  The multitude of available data sources makes it possible to find even weak correlations in large data sets.  

For the training of AI models, standard algorithms are usually used, to make predictive decisions on repetitive tasks. For the training of the algorithms, the existence of labeled data sets is particularly crucial. These data sets are made more easily accessible by the SDaC research project, so that small and medium-sized companies in the construction industry can also use AI models efficiently. 

Human thinking processes differ from AI models primarily in the targeted use of intuition and implicit knowledge. Complex issues can only be understood and solved through the targeted use of human-machine interaction. 

For construction-related software companies

Through the platform, we develop modules for the processing of common data formats used in the construction industry. For example, objects in images or floor plans can be easily labeled and recognized, or the contents of texts can be classified. 

Would you like to exchange ideas about possibilities for integrating our modules? Or would you like to offer your application as an API, plug-in or directly through SDaC? Then get in touch with us.

For construction companies

Nine smart applications for construction companies are being developed on the basis of the processed data. These range from engineering design, through project planning, to construction execution. The portfolio will continuously be expanded to include other applications of construction software companies. More information is available on our blog.

The interaction of man and machine

The planning and construction of a building is one of the most complex tasks. Expertise and experience are therefore a key aspect, even with increasing digitalization. For us, people are at the center of every application. With the development of individual assistance systems, your feedback is needed. At events and in user workshops we will present and discuss our current state of the developed AI applications and the platform – Join us!

Our Team

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