- Winner of the Innovation Competition -
"Artificial intelligence as a driver for economically relevant ecosystems"
funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics in Germany (BMWi)

Smart Design and Construction Through Artificial Intelligence

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Our Slogan
"We are the AI driving force in the construction industry."
Our Mission
"To create a platform that enables organizations from construction industry to access and use information smartly."
Project duration: April 2020- March 2023

For construction companies

The planning and construction of a building is one of the most complex tasks. Expertise and experience are therefore also a central aspect with increasing digitalisation. For us, people are in the centre of every application. With the development of individual assistance systems, the participating organisations are to be supported specifically in repetitive activities. In this way we enable you to have more free time for more creative and value-adding activities! First concepts will be published on our homepage soon. 

For construction software providers

The multitude of possibilities of software and hardware in the construction industry often results in heterogeneous and difficult to access data as well as interface losses.
Aim of the research project is to standardize data of the construction industry on one platform and thus to offer your software possibilities for new applications via open interfaces. First applications based on methods of artificial intelligence will be developed and provided within the project.

A "stack" [steack] in computer science refers to a system of components that are required for a platform.

The Platform

By combining data on one platform and preparing it intelligently, new applications for the construction industry can be made possible. These support small and medium-sized companies in particular in the context of digitization. Data governance and data security are the focus of the platform concept!



Through close cooperation between man and machine, trustworthy and better results can be achieved. We focus on the user to understand his requirements and to design intuitive applications.

Concepts for the applications are currently being developed and will be made available to you via the homepage in the course of 2020. 

Get insights!

In a first case study, individual elements in building plans were examined using machine learning methods to increase the degree of similarity. At events and user workshops we will present and discuss the current status of our AI applications and platform - Join us!

Our Team

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